PowerPoint Animations and Video for Online Instructors

PowerPoint Animations and Video for Online Instructors

Engage your audience with video, text, picture, animation, and audio mashups in PowerPoint

What you’ll learn

  • Combine text and animation with talking head videos for more compelling online courses.
  • Use transition effects and slideshows for effective comparisons and before/after photos.
  • Use SmartArt to effectively illustrate relationships, processes, and more, even if you have zero design or drawing skills.
  • Do screen recordings with your PC or Mac, even if you don’t have ScreenFlow, Camstasia, or other recording software.
  • Show video in a corner or the screen, or run two videos simultaneously.
  • Combine great PowerPoint content with your online course for a more powerful delivery.
  • Discover fabulous resources for free and public domain videos, photos, background music, and sounds effects to use in your own creations.
  • Set the mood or add some fun with background music and sound effects.



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